Keeping the memory and timeless voice alive!
The Real Don Steele,
We're marking his BIRTHDAY APRIL 1st!
To A Computer Near You!
Special Thanks To
Shaune Steele for
sharing Don's Recordings
with us.
6-9am  "Boss" Bobby Rich
9-12am Mike O'Neil
12-3pm  Dave Sebastian
 3-6pm Scotty Brink
 3-6 Sat The Real Don Steele
 6-9 Sat Rich "Brother" Robbin
 6-12am Big Bob Anthony
12-3am  Steve Shilo
3-6am  Scotty Brink (Encore)
Liners  Pat St. John        
Bobby Rich
Mike O'Neil
Dave Sebastian
Scotty Brink
Bob Anthony
Rich Robbin
Pat St John
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