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Terrestrial FM Signal Is KHJJ-LP Albany Oregon
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Steve Shilo
Rich Robbin
Bob Anthony
Dave Sebastian
Scotty Brink
Bobby Rich
Mike O'Neil
6-9 am Bobby Rich Bobby Rich Bob Anthony
6-9 am
9-12 Noon Bob Anthony Bob Anthony Bob Anthony
9-12 Noon
Noon-3 pm  Dave Sebastian Dave Sebastian Heather Scott
Noon-3 pm
3-6 pm  Steve Shilo Real Don Steele Steve Shilo
3-6 pm
6-9 pm  Mike O'Neil Bob Anthony Mike O'Neil
6-9 pm
9-Midnight  Bob Anthony Bob Anthony Rich Bro Robbin
Midnight-3 am  Heather Scott Heather Scott Heather Scott
Midnight-3 am
3 -6 am Scotty Brink Scotty Brink Scotty Brink
3-6 am
                                   The Real Don Steele
                                    is Live From The 60's
                             Saturdays 3-6pm

 Special thanks to Shaune Steele.
KHJFM, is a community station for Albany Oregon, and it is also a tribute to the original KHJ in Los Angeles, as programmed by Bill Drake.
Many of the Boss Jocks heard on KHJFM worked at one time or another for the original KHJ or other Drake programmed stations.
KHJFM has a core music base between 1965-1979 and plays these songs as if this time period were now.
 80's music is programmed as "Hitbound" while early 60's songs are "Solid Gold" and 50's R&R become "Hall of Fame" selections.
More Music is more than a's what we play. Celebrate the 60's & 70's again on "Boss Radio" KHJFM.
A Trip Back To The Sound Of FM
Freeform Radio In The 60's & 70's.
Coming Soon...Sundays at 6pm
Celebrate The First Weekend In July 2017 With All British Hits