(Right) While we don't have a public location, we do have a compact, fully functional, one person sized studio hidden away in suburbia. Photo shows this web site on the monitor, which usuallydisplays the "Sparta-Mation" Radio Station Automation screen telling the talent what song plays next.

Note that KHJ FM has two turntables so our "Boss Jocks can go
"Old School" and play 45 RPM's or Record Albums. Comments, Requests and dedications may be made by e-mailing the station: khjfm@gmx.com.

Our KHJ Radio features talents and voices that either worked for the original KHJ or Los Angeles quality broadcast professionals who want to be part of this fun re-creation of the the greatest station that ever existed.

Click the KHJ History button to read about the original KHJ Los Angeles.

Albany Oregon is a city on Interstate 5, 45 miles North of Eugene and 26 miles South of Salem. When you're here, you'll be able to tune your FM dial to 105.3 to hear KHJJ a Low Power FM Station, nick-named KHJ FM and operated by radio pros who loved the business radio was in the 60's & 70's. The station emulates the original KHJ in Los Angeles, which was in our opinion, the greatest station ever.
KHJ FM plays hits from the "Boss 30" Survey. While we post a
two month compilation survey on this site, basically we play the hits you heard on the air between 1965 through 1980.

Earlier 60's are played as "Solid Gold" and newer songs are
played as "Hitbound." Thanks to Shaune Steele, we are able to play "Live From The 60's" with The Real Don Steele every Saturday at 3pm. Saturday at six we feature "The Wayback Time Machine" with an hour of hits from the decade of the 1950's.

Sunday Mornings we play special faith based programs starting at six am. At 8am you can hear an encouraging message from Fusion Faith Center downtown Albany. Sunday afternoons at 3
we have former KHJ talent Scotty Brink.

Our weekday talent schedule starts each morning with the one and only Bobby Rich, followed by Big Bob Anthony, Dave Sebastian at noon, Steve Shilo at 3pm and Mike O'Neil at six.
Except for "Shilo", all the rest worked at KHJ Los Angeles.

We invite other former pros to join us on the air here at KHJ.

Twin Studio Turntables allow for live talent to play 45 RPM records and record Albums. If anyone local wishes to donate old Top 40 songs on vinyl to our station, we'll be happy to arrange
a pick up location.

We do have a large collection of "Boss" hit music on CD.