The British Are Coming....AGAIN!
On July 4th As We Celebrate AMERICA, The British Will Take Over KHJ and Invade Us With All UK Music, All Day! It'll be a welcome intrusion with your FAB HITS Played From A to Z On BOSS RADIO! 
Remember picking up a Radio Station weekly music survey  at the record store? We want to honor the spirit of the printed Boss 30 Survey, so here's what we do. We choose top hits from the 60's, 70's & 80's that were played during the month we're currently in. The survey updates each new check back to see how the Boss 30 Hits rank.
No doubt about it. The Beatles are in a catagory by themselves. They deserve special recognition. KHJ salutes The Fab Four both mornings and afternoons. Bobby Rich plays a Beatles hit during Breakfast with The Beatles in six and seven o'clock hours each morning. Steve Shilo plays two back to back beatles hits at four pm. It's The Fab Four at Four! Enjoy!
On KHJ you won't hear five minute commercial clusters where your spot get buried in the middle. Every spot we broadcast gets special attention and plays in a one or two minute pause in the music. You often will hear your announcement play first, after a song. Thirty second spots cost much less on KHJ because we are a "community" station. Our announcements are written differently as well...designed to recognize your business, making your spot memorable.

Left To Right:
Bobby Rich, Big Bob Anthony,
Dave Sebastian, Steve Shilo,
Mike O'Neil, Larry McKay,
Heather Scott, Scotty Brink,
The Real Don Steele.