KHJ went on the air at 720 KHz on April 13, 1922. It later moved to 760 KHz in response to increased interference on the AM band. The Federal Radio Commission (FRC) regulated the band in 1927-28 and reassigned KHJ to the regional-service frequency of 900 KHz with 1,000 watts of power, where it remained until 1941. At that point, a reorganization of the AM band by the Federal Communications Commission (successor to the FRC) in conjunction with the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement raised KHJ's power to 5,000 watts and moved to 930 KHz . (Back then Kilo-Hertz was called Kilo-Cycles)

Photo Left: Ernest Underwood, 1927 Station Engineer.
Credit: Los Angeles Times.

The station was purchased in the 30's by Don Lee, a local automobile dealer who also owned 610 KFRC in San Francisco and eventually accumulated 21 radio stations. In 1949 the broadcasting company, including KHJ, merged with RKO General. Its call letters back then were said to stand for "Kindness, Happiness and Joy".

During Lee's ownership KHJ became the West Coast flagship station of the Mutual Broadcasting System, one of the "big four" radio networks (with CBS, NBC and ABC) from the 1930s to the 1970s. George Burns, Gracie Allen and Steve Allen appeared on KHJ.
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KYNO radio in Fresno California began broadcasting early in 1948 on 1300 kHz with 1000 watts. In the early 60's the station increased power to 5000 watts daytime and back to 1000 watts at night. This station, owned by Eugene Chenault became the testing ground for the
concepts that would become "Boss Radio," first at RKO General owned KGB in San Diego, then on 93KHJ Los Angeles. Chenault had hired Bill Drake and with the success in San Diego, a new radio consulting company was formed, "Drake-Chenault."

On April 27th 1965, Ron Jacobs 93KHJ Program Director along with a new staff of "Boss-Jocks," kicked off the new radio format. At 3pm, Don Steele was the first talent on the new KHJ. Robert W. Morgan, had worked with Jacobs back in Fresno at KMAK in 1962. Morgan and The Real Don Steele were the morning and afternoon talents. Steele had recently worked in Portland Oregon at KISN then KEWB San Francisco before The April '65 Kick-off of Boss Radio.

93KHJ Los Angeles was one of the most influential radio stations in America and remained a top rated station in the L.A. basin from 1965 through 1975. It continued to broadcast "Top 30 Hits" until 1980. In 1989 the station sold and became a fulltime Spanish Language station.

On July 15th, 2014 Skyways old to IHR Educational Broadcasting for $9.75 million, and started broadcasting Catholic programs. KHJ switched to the Relevant Radio branding when IHR Educational Broadcasting and Starboard Media Foundation consummated their merger on June 30, 2017.

Before KHJ FM in Albany, another Low Power FM station in Madras Oregon operated as 102KHJ. It changed to Christian Spanish programming in 2008. When the opportunity became
available in Albany, the same people who built the Madras LPFM, took advantage of the
new LPFM opportunity at 105.3 FM and once again created a station that would be fun for listeners and a salute to the greatest station ever, a place we either worked at or desired to be hired at, KHJ Los Angeles, "Boss Radio."

Bobby Rich, Dave Sebastian & Scotty Brink.
A Few Of The Former 93 KHJ "Boss Jocks" now on KHJ FM